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Regardless which hardware component might fail or how the number of website visitors might increase - your web presence will remain online 24/7. In the event of a software or hardware related failure on one server, any tasks of the machine are automatically taken over by another server in the cluster. Your web presence therefore will remain available with no interruption of service and the defective server can be looked after without time pressure.

Our hosting experts and programmers have spent many months developing and diligently testing multiple failure and data loss scenarios to provide a preconfigured, practically proven, but still extendable and adjustable solution with a precisely defined goal: Your web presence must remain online 24/7 and must be accessible with the highest speed. The result? TheG7 Linux Cluster.

Your web site online 24/7

TheG7 Linux Cluster is built not only to prevent service outages, but also to provide the full capacity of all cluster servers during standard operation. This leads to a reduction of the response times even in the face of increasing load due to an increasing amount of web site visitors or complex applications. With TheG7 Linux Cluster, there are no IT-related boundaries anymore to the growth of your company. Read More ...

Demo Plan
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Unlimited Plan
UNLIMITED Hosting Plan Details
UNLIMITED website space   100% Uptime Guarantee + SLA
UNLIMITED email space   100% Hack Proof
UNLIMITED databases   100% Load Balanced
UNLIMITED mailboxes   100% Self Service
...and so much more ...
1 Month$4.69
3 Months$14.07
6 Months$28.14
1 Year$56.28
2 Year(s)$112.56
3 Year(s)$168.84
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Heaven Plan

1 Month$9.95
1 Year$119.40
2 Year(s)$238.80
3 Year(s)$358.20
Setup fees$0.00
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