Server Security
Server Security

With over 10 years of experience in managed hosting services, you can be sure we know and undetstand best what we do..

Server Setup - One Time

The first step towards establishing your server, it is a crucial one-time task. The process of setting up the server requires careful attention to detail. It involves a great deal of preparation and we, as your outsourced service partner, help you execute the entire set-up process.

While it is an important task, it must be done in a manner so as to not impede the ongoing business operations. Therefore, we take care to complete the same in as short a time as possible. Starting with carrying out an initial security audit, we ensure Software Patches and Upgrades, Control Panel Installation and Configuration, Scripts / Software Installation, Firewall Installation and Configuration and monitoring Tools Installation.

This service also includes the following jobs :

  • Setting up and managing DNS
  • Setting up and managing an email server
  • Setting up a client server database such as Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL and managing the database server
  • Configuration of the software side of load balancing
  • Integration with back end databases
  • Setting up web site accounts
  • Setting up a control panel (Plesk or cPanel)
  • And much more

The server setup needs completely differ depending on their operating system and their control panel. Write your need if you have more queries.

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Server Security - One Time

Our robust Server Security and Server Auditing for remote and co-location servers measures go a long way in reducing exposure to hacker threats and security breaches. We have an expertise team for server security.

Our Server Security tasks include :

  • SSH hardening
  • Installing & Configuring Mod_security
  • Installing & Configuring Mod_evasive
  • Installing Logwatch (This is a powerful and versatile log parser and analyzer)
  • Installing Anti-root kit software
  • Applying patches to server software to avoid any eventualities
  • /tmp hardening
  • Socket monitor installation & Configuration
  • Firewall/Brute Force Detection Tool installation & Configuration [CSF/BFD]
  • Installing OS updates
  • Apache tweaks
  • MySQL tweaks
  • Control Panel tweaks
  • PHP security audit
  • Kernel upgrades including grsecurity
  • Exim, Qmail and Sendmail tweaks
  • Anti-spam/anti-virus software installations
  • User/Password security
  • Sysctl security and configuration

Our Security Auditing Tasks Include :

  • Periodic Security Audits
  • Applying Security Patches
  • Finding and removing root kits
  • Finding Software glitches
  • OS Updates
  • Kernal Updates
  • Control Panel Updates
Your cost$150.00
TermOne time
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