Our Network
High Tech Data-centers

Europe ServersServers hosted in Europe

At Jolis International, we make a deal of having the ideal connection. All Servers are connected directly into the European High Speed Gigabit Backbone of our affiliate, PlusServer AG, which amongst other things, provides a high speed connection to the most important European Network Crossings, as for example the DE-CIX in Frankfurt.

The complete backbone is multi-redundant in Ring-topology, whereby the connection will remain stable even when a technical fallout of up to 60% occurs. The connection to important IXPs in Europe, Asia and America enables us to run public peerings with all important IP carriers and ISPs. Moreover, multiple private peering relationships exist.

The connection of the servers in the data center to the global network internet is realised via a 100 MBit/s switch port.

US ServersServers hosted in the USA

Our US data center is situated in a central location of the United States. This provides for the best possible transfer rates from the West to the East Coast. Moreover, our system selects automatically the fastest route for your data. And if the backbone of a carrier should fail sometime, the system will quickly switch to another one in order to secure the availability of your server without downtime.

Two fully redundant PoPs are connected via our own 10 GBit metro fibre ring to achieve the highest redundancy. Additionally, two fully redundant Juniper M20 routers and Extreme Networks Switching Engines provide for a fast and highly available network. Direct multiple GBit connections to the leading bandwidth provider Level 3 are available as well.

The network utilization is never higher than 30%, and the capacity can be increased at any time.

Award Winning ServersDedicated Servers

Your choice when selecting a Dedicated Server should prioritize high performance and availability. Better still, is a decision that encompasses both these elements at a fair price. No problem for Jolis International, because each Dedicated Server has its own 100 Mbit switch port which it is connected directly to our own ultra-fast Gigabit backbone.

That way, we can deliver a high performance average as well as the guaranteed availability of at least 99% (99.9% for ProServers). And due to excellent Ping times, our Dedicated Servers are also ideal as game servers.

Availability 99% for EcoServer, 99,9% for ProServer
Bandwidth 550 GBit
Connections to Deutsche Telekom (2 x 10 GBit), Level 3 (2 x 10 GBit), LambdaNet (2 x 10 GBit), DE-CIX (2 x 10 GBit), GlobalCrossings (10 GBit) etc.
Switch port 100 MBit

Award Winning ServersShared Hosting

Likewise, Jolis International puts great emphasis on a capable and reliable connection of its Shared Hosting to the internet – despite the low prices. Direct GBit connections to the most important providers guarantee that your data is always available.

Availability 99%
Bandwidth 65 GBit
Connections to Deutsche Telekom (2 x 10 GBit), Level 3 (2 x 10 GBit), LambdaNet (2 x 10 GBit), DE-CIX (2 x 10 GBit) etc.

Award Winning ServersGuaranteed Availability

Reliable availability is important for both you and us! That is why we give you a guarantee that your server is available at least 99% of the time as an annual mean. We even take one step further regarding our ProServers and guarantee an availability of 99.9% annual mean. This is especially important for business applications, when server breakdowns can easily lead to financial and image losses.