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An SSL certificate is more than just a little padlock icon in the browser bar. It creates an encrypted link between your web server and your visitor's computer. Every ecommerce site needs to have this level of security as a minimum.
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JPesa Intergrations



JPesa Mobile Money Integration Services

  • Analysis and design
  • Scripting (Coding)
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Depending on the complexity of your system, this integration takes anywhere between 2-7 days.


  • Compatible with 99.9% of Web Browsers
  • "No Hassle" SSL certificate issurance
  • $ 10,000 USD relying party warranty
  • 256-Bit encrypted SSL certificate
  • Trusted by all popular web browsers
  • Trust Logos to build customer confidence

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Experts & Professionals

If you're looking to make your online business successful, you need the right partner. Benefit from our expertise & our excellent infrastructure. With us you can be confident that everything will run as smoothly tomorrow as it does today. We continually invest in further development of our products and we always lookout for the most stable and reliable hardware on the market.

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We Stand Behind It:
Our Hardware Quality

At Jolis International, you can rely 100% on quality hardware from leading brand manufacturers. We provide branded products from Fujitsu, HPE and Dell, equipped with state-of-the-art server processors from Intel and AMD, memory from Samsung and also high-performance SSD technology from Intel. The bottom line for you: Top performance and dependable stability!

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No Crossed Wires
You Are Always Online

Performance, reliability and stability at affordable prices. Our server hosting includes a fast network connection and guaranteed availability, so you may concentrate fully on your projects. 550 Gbit/s is the total capacity of our backbone, featuring a fully redundant MPLS ring structure. Our professional network guarantees you an availability of at least 99.99% on monthly average.

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An effective web presence will boost your traffic, your revenue, and your success. Improve your rankings and help customers find your business!

Other Services FAQs

SEO helps your site gain more visibility in Google by improving the rankings for your site relative to keywords for which your customers are searching. Essentially, when people search for your services in Google, SEO helps influence Google to show your site above your competitors. SEO can potentially also increase organic traffic to your site allowing for even more revenue.

Google's algorithm consists of over 200 ranking factors, the vast majority of which they do not disclose. With that being said we cannot make any guarantees but we will utilize industry best practices to influence your website's visibility. Our team is backed by SEO experts who stay up-to-date on Google’s algorithm changes.

There are many factors to take into account when answering this. It can take anywhere from weeks to months, or sometimes years. The time it takes to see an increase in visibility can be determined by anything from the competitiveness of your industry to the quality of links that are built to your site. SEO is an ongoing process, and you are never really "done.”

Backlinks are links to your website from other sites. These are important for SEO purposes as they help Google assess the authority and relevance of your website.

Once you have a beautiful website, make sure people see it with expert SEO and PPC consulting from HostGator. We’ll help you grow your traffic and your brand with increased visibility in Google. Learn more about our SEO and PPC services.