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Virtual Servers


Fast, scalable and secure

Dedicated Control
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Scalable Resources
Choice of Webserver (Apache/Nginx)
PowerPanel - Auto Reboots & Restores

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No resource restrictions
Full root access - highly customizable
Unmetered bandwidth
Choice of OS (Linux/Windows)
PowerPanel - Auto Reboots & Restores

Let us transfer your existing site for you.

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We took advantage of the money back guarantee to host our site, do you think we withdrew? NO! we're now stuck here!

Busitema University


It's over 10 years since you became our service provider, am amazed at your consistency to offer excellent services...

Uganda Redcross Society


We can't find words to describe how much we love your services. We have been with you for 11 years and still counting.

Uganda Electricity Transmission


Success story that keeps up with time

For more than 15 years Jolis International has ranked among the established brands in the hosting industry. It was launched with the specific aim of offering small and medium-sized enterprises the services they desired at an optimal price-performance ratio. Since then, Jolis International has not only continuously adapted its product range to fresh customer requirements, but has also build data centers and networks with great commitment. Today Jolis International hosts servers in Europe's greenest data center, in Strasbourg, as well as in a modern state-of-the-art data centre in St. Louis, MO in the United States of America. Get Started

The Jolis International brand profile: ambitious, established, integrated

Excellent performance and security

  • Your servers run at maximum efficiency in our state-of-the-art data centers
  • You have the choice of two server locations

Your server from Jolis International is hosted either in Strasbourg in the DataDock – Europe’s greenest data center – or in our modern DataPort data center in St. Louis, MO in the United States. You are free to choose the location for each server. Whichever location you choose, you benefit from the highest level of availability, efficiency and security. In addition both data centers offer connection to our high-speed backbone of over 550 Gbit/s.

Europe: DataDock

More than three years of planning and construction have gone into the European DataDock data center. The clear goal was to meet the highest demands on availability and connectivity. To this end, all the relevant facilities were laid out redundantly.

In order to achieve outstanding energy efficiency, the infrastructure consists exclusively of state-of-the-art eco-friendly components. In addition, an innovative artesian-well cooling system ensures optimum energy ratings.

DataDock is located along the main European fiber optic route, resulting in the fastest possible connection to Germany, France, the rest of Europe, and indeed the rest of the world!

USA: DataPort

Our US data center is located in a central location in St. Louis, Missouri and was opened in 2003. Its strategically advantageous position ensures ideal connections with all major carriers, which guarantees the fastest connections to the east and west coast, Middle- and South Americas and the rest of the world.

The DataPort is designed with full redundancy. Your data is protected in a highly secure environment from all conceivable environmental and fire damage. All critical systems are permanently monitored, and the servers are protected by numerous security systems against unauthorized access.

Uganda: DataReserve

Our Uganda data center is located in Wakiso district and was opened in 2015. Its strategically advantageous position ensures ideal connections with all major carriers, which guarantees the fastest connections to the east, central and west, and the rest of the world.

This is why Jolis International is the choice!

  • We combine market leader expertise fully dedicated to our customers
  • We are familiar with your requirements

Our many years of practical experience have taught us exactly what our customers are looking for. Experts and professional users expect a perfect balance between quality, flexibility and the price that makes their project worthwhile. We have adjusted ourselves precisely to meet these requirements: with stable brand hardware in state-of-the-art data centres and a rapid 550 Gbit/s connection on one hand - and a very flexible, convenient contractual framework on the other. All that at unbeatable rates. Bottom line: Jolis International is your solution.

From bare metal servers to ready-to-code tools

Whether you use numerous WordPress apps as an agency, or operate as a hosting reseller or software-as-a-service provider: We can provide you with just the right hardware. In close partnership with Plesk, we also offer creative developers the ready-to-code environment that allows them to get directly started, sparing them the laborious task of setting up servers on their own. Concentrate on your project - with dedicated servers from Jolis International.

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Become a reseller today!

Join our reseller program and take advantage of additional features and discounts

Great potential for your success

Jolis International's reseller program gives you the chance to start your own hosting business without any investments - or profitably expand the range of your existing services. If you already provide servers, managed infrastructure, application services or software as a service to customers, our reseller program provides the ideal opportunities for expanding your business.

Promote your own business

We provide everything you need to develop your own reseller brand and to market it successfully. This includes in particular the control panel for each of your customers - giving you a lot of freedom to decide which features you want to offer. You conveniently manage your business via your reseller panel which our software engineers have developed especially for this purpose, in conjunction with special back-end software. Our white label services let you use your branding everywhere: including your company logo and your fonts - The reseller panel also supports additional languages.

We make it easy for you:

  • Personal key account manager
  • Expert hotline and priority support
  • Consulting services in many different languages (including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and German)
  • Rapid deployment of all server offers
  • Great conditions - attractive discounts

How to contact us

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