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Articles related to our affiliate system are listed here

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Articles related to billing/accounting are listed here

DNS Management (7)
How to Create, Configure and Manage DNS Records

Domain Management (18)
Articles related to domain management are listed here

Domain Renewal (10)
Articles related to domain renewals are listed here

Email Management (12)
Email Management, Client Set-Ups, Tutorials and all related questions.

G7Mail Client (13)
G7Mail Client

G7Panel FAQs (16)
Frequently Asked questions in G7Panel

JPesa (14)
JPesa - Mobile Money Payments

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Search Engine Optimization

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Video and Music Streaming

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Virtual Private Servers and ISPConfig Panel

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Installing Applications

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Additional Contacts both Email and SMS

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Articles related to registering a domain name are listed here

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Articles related to transfering a domain name are listed here

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Frequently Asked Questions

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G7 Panel

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Getting Started

Location (2)
Where are you located in Uganda

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SSL Certificates

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VienSMS related support materials.

Website Hosting (9)
Articles related to our hosting services are listed here

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