This is our servers real uptime - and it is amazing!

The care with which we choose our data centers, the unique approach we have to server setup and the 100% dedication of our system administrating teams pays off with great uptime! In addition we have created a unique software that minimized downtime on our servers to an extent never seen before!

Routine Uptime Stats ...
Yearly Uptime 100%

Monthly Uptime 100%
Average 100%
How does our handmade monitoring tool minimizes downtime?

We have created unique downtime prevention software that not only monitors each server's status in real-time but also resolves more than 90% of server performance issues instantly with zero human interaction! Server monitoring is not an unusual concept, however, unfortunately too many providers become aware of a problem only once their users start to call. Often, the conventional monitoring systems used by other hosts do not check the server status in real-time but only on an interval of a few minutes. Clearly this poses a problem as these hosting providers will face several minutes of downtime before even becoming aware that an issue exists. When you add this time to the time needed for the issue to be fixed it becomes quickly evident how much downtime we avoid thanks to the handmade software we've created.

Other Hosts Jolis International
Server Issue Duration: Server Issue Duration:
Detection:5-20 Min (Auto/Manual) Detection:Realtime (Auto)
Reaction:1-20 Min (Human Work) Reaction:Instant (Auto)
Long Downtime Almost No Downtime

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