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Credit Limit

Credit Limit


This refers to the maximum outstanding balance you can have on your account without being penalized. It can in simple terms be comparable to a flexible loan offered to you by a credit institution. On top of what you may have on your account, the credit institution would offer you a credit limit that allows you to go beyond your current account balance.

NOTE: Managing your credit limit is important both for staying out of debt and building a good credit score.

  • Jolis International as your credit issuer determines how much your credit limit is when you apply for one which usually depends on the level of trust from the company but also whether you give a security deposit or not. The instution assesses your income, current debt level, and credit history to make its decision. If you have a history of late payments or a significant amount of debt compared to your income, you may be approved for a low credit limit to start.

  • Upon assessing your credit score, you are then required to sign a contract with Jolis International that includes other terms and conditions for you to get the overdraft on your account. Once you have signed the contract, you are then eligible to withdraw money even if your account has zero balance on it which means that your account would ultimately have a negative balance.

  • Jolis International will charge you a daily compound interest on the negative balance that is on your account. Meaning as long as you have a negative balance on your account, 1% of that amount will be the charge you have to pay back as an interest. For instance in case you have withdrawn an overdraft of 100,000/-, you will be charged 1000/- the following day.

The basic credit limit without any security deposit is coming as 4 people with each qualifying to receive UGX 100,000 however, if you are reasonably unhappy with the credit limit you have received, you can request a bigger one through providing security deposit.

You typically won't know your credit limit until you've completed an application and it is approved.You will be offered a credit limit or an overdraft depending on whether you have given a security deposit or not or for a basic level if you meet the requirements set forth below. With your credit Limit, you will be able to withdraw money upto a negative balance on your account.

This means that if you have no balance on your account, Jolis International will offer you up to a maximum of 100,000/- for the basic level where you offer no security deposit. In cases where you are to offer a security deposit, Jolis International will offer you an amount of money that is half of the market price of the security deposit that you offer.

The basic credit limit without any security deposit is coming as 4 people with each qualifying to receive UGX100,000 however, if you are reasonably unhappy with the credit limit you have received, you can request a bigger one through providing security deposit.

  • You need to be 4 people to have access to the credit limit offered by Jolis. Each of you will qualify to receive a credit limit of 100,000/= which you can also request for should you be interested.
  • You will all be required to register for an account with Jolis International if you have not already done so.
  • You will also be required to submit your National IDs/Passport IDs for your identification
  • You will then also be required to fill in a form which you will be signing, scanning and then re-submitting for approval. You can be able to access and download the form from here


There are two ways through which you can register for an acccount as explained below:

Using the Online Jolis International Portal

  • Visit our website to signup for an account in case you do not have one and if you already have one, you can simply signin.
  • Follow our link here to learn about how you can submit your documents to our team for approval
  • After you have logged in, navigate and click on your name at the top right hand corner and select My Profile.
  • Locate My Documents and attach a soft copy of your ID which can be your passport ID, Driving Licence but preferably the National ID in case you have not already done so. Once it is approved and you have already signed the above contract for your Credit Limit, you chaould have access to the funds in your account. If on the other hand you have not received it, you can contact our team so that you can be advised.
Using WhatsApp

You can alternatively use the WhatsApp option to be able to register and be eligible to receive the Credit Limit. You can be able to do so as follows;
  • Add our WhatsApp number of +1 619-664-4376 to your numbers
  • Send a Hi message to it where you will then receive an automated response from Jolis International
  • Select option number 9 of My Account and follow the prompts to submit your National ID
  • You will then be given a response that your documents have been received
  • Wait for your documents to be verified by the Jolis International team
  • Upon verification, you will then be eligible to not only send but also be able to withdraw funds


Jolis International will renew your credit limit every time that you pay it up. This means that if you had a credit limit of say UGX100,000 and you withdrew say UGX50,000, if you paid up the UGX50,000 plus interest you can then be able to qualify again for the UGX100,000 credit limit.

Your credit limit may not stay the same the entire time the credit limit is given to you. If you use your credit wisely and make your daily payments on time, you can be approved for periodic credit limit increases, sometimes without having to request them. Similarly, your credit limit can be lowered if you fall behind on payments or if your debt increases to a level that Jolis International deems risky

You can make purchases all the way up to your credit limit. You may not be able to go over your credit limit, though, if you haven't opted-in to having over-the-limit transactions processed. If you don't opt-in, transactions that could put you over your limit will be declined.

For more information, please email us on or call us on (256) 414 670513