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How to Install Joomla Manually

How to Install Joomla Manually

This article will cover the steps needed to install and troubleshoot Joomla manually.


Why Joomla! 3 Installation Freezes at Creating Database Tables?

During Joomla 3 installation you can face the problem of installation "freezing". It is a common issue for those user who want to make Joomla 3 installation. The installation process is not stopping, it is running and running forever... Why is it occurs? Because Joomla can't create tables in your database. If you are tired of waiting while your Joomla! installation ends, follow our tutorial:

  1. Go to Joomla installation folder (/var/www/ and open joomla.sql file)
  2. Replace all occurances of InnoDB with MyIsam
MyIsam is more supported and compatible with Joomla template.

Do also the same with (sample_data.sql) file, if it's quickstart setup.