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How to manage a domain name

How to manage a domain name

In order to manage your domain name information such as but not limited to:

  1. WHOIS contact information
  2. Nameservers
  3. DNS Records
  4. PUSH to another account
  5. Lock / Unlock
  6. EPP Key / Auth Code
  7. Enable / Disable Private WHOIS

and lots more ...

You should:
  1. Login to your Jolis International account
  2. On the DASHBOARD, Locate your domain name and click MANAGE against it
  3. Then choose what you would like to do by clicking on the respective TAB.

Please take note that:

The DNS Manager is NOT effective when a domain is not pointed to any of our nameservers. Therefore, the rest in regard to DNS records management should be done at your DNS records host (That's if the nameservers resolving your domain name are NOT ours).

Let us know if you need further clarification or help.